United States Women's National Olympic Gold Medalist


Former Player / Technical Director for the San Jose Earthquakes
Paul Robbins
Master of Exercise Physiology
Autor of NASM courses
President of Cardio2 Tech (Clients include players for NAB, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS)
Using The Trainer I can create a wide variety of routines around 30 second intervals to address strength as well and conditioning.Most of my clients are athletes trying to get the most out of their time off the field/court. I even recommend this for my daughter's off season tennis training. Because of the hours she is on the court the suspension training was a great way to supplement her conditioning and strength with limited time and space.
Ramiro Avina MS, RCEP
Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Cardiopulmonary Rehab. Specialist
I choose The Trainer because it's easy to use, very versatile as compared to other brands. As an exercise professional I prefer to use The Trainer with my clients. And as a busy father, The Trainer helps me maximize my workout in minimal time, so I can enjoy my valuable family time.
Nick Fortino
Bachelor's of Science-Health and Exercise Communication
NASM: Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist
Elite Personal Trainer, Western Athletic Club
The Real Result Trainer is exceptional. I have personally watched it be the catalyst of results for people of every fitness level. I can personally attest to significant enhancements in functional strength the most important type. I currently teach a class in which we used a similar tool. Now, I use the Real Results Trainer and for many reasons. People like it better. It is safer, more convenient and comfortable. Most importantly, this is a tool that anyone can use in virtually any environment. Numerous individuals have purchased the Real Results Trainer immediately after using it in class. I believe in it as a society-relevant tremendously effective way to exercise.
Jered Patterson, BS, NSCA
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
The Trainer, is a very durable, multi-functional piece of equipment. I am 6'6 230 lbs and I am used to daily abuse with high intensity free weight exercises. When I am not able to get in to the gym the "Trainer" allows me to achieve that high intensity workout in full-unlimited range of motion, wherever I am. I love working with the Trainer because I can do several upper and lower body combination as well as a ton of serious core exercises that keeps my muscles pumped long after I am done.
Terry Romero
General Manager
Pacific Athletic Club, 200 Redwood Shores Parkway
Thank you so much for introducing me to the Trainer. This simple piece of equipment is awesome and far superior to what I have seen on the market in the fitness industry. The straps are comfortable, easy to adjust and practical. The Trainer is also adaptable. After working out at the club with you, I went home and showed my family some of the exercises by placing the equipment on the back of a door, and presto--it worked.I appreciate the time and energy you took with me. I admire your passion not only to make a great product, but your passion to help people get and stay fit. Please let me know if you need anything.
Bonnie Greiner
Parks and Recreation Services Director
City of Milpitas, CA
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Trainer.. It is convenient, easy to use, effective and non-intimidating. I have tried and failed to use the other brand that I found complicated and bulky. The Trainer, has traveled with me and has motivated me, as I look forward to using it for workouts. Over my many years as a competitive athletic, and now, just trying to "keep in shape", I have tried many different training techniques, and have found that the Trainer, is one of the best training pieces of equipment around."
Christina H., Attorney at Law
Once I got The Trainer, in my house I gave my TRX to my boyfriend so he leaves my Trainer alone. The TRX is not fun to use. It scratches my wrists, it's unstable, and I generally don't want to use it. It is also really bulky and takes up a ton of space in my suitcase when I travel for depositions. I love my Trainer because I can throw it up anywhere: home, on a pole, over a fence etc. and workout. my Trainer adapts to me instead of me adapting to it.
Vincent Kiss, MA
I would recommend this product to my friends and clients over the other brand. Being an ex-judo player and a long time sport and fitness instructor, I was not surprised when the other brand hit the market. Many fitness instructors and sport coaches in similar fashion have utilized the gymnastic ring and similar items. I still welcomed the idea because of the simplicity and versatility of the item. The major problem with all the other designs is, they are made from a rugged and stiff material that rubs the skin raw of the less experienced users. A personal trainer introduced me to The Trainer, that has a softer material, fits into a smaller bag and also has a simpler and more user-friendly fastening device. When I tested the Trainer it worked great! It felt much more comfortable and was more user friendly than the original other brands.
Tim Haun, DC
American College of Sports Medicine / HFS
The Trainer has a quicker and easier set up and adjustment than the less superior brand. The strapping and grips are more comfortable and user friendly (the grips are also more durable). And finally, take down is easier and storage is more compact.
Janet Goldenstein, PhD
San Francisco
I had the opportunity to compare the inferior designed suspension training to the Trainer. I found that the thick straps on the other brand rubbed against my arms during the workout creating uncomfortable rashes and the straps slid making me feel unstable. I felt much more comfortable and safe using the Trainer and would definitely recommend it over the yellow & black brand.