How The Trainer Works

Hang The Trainer from a post, swing set or tree branch, grab the handles and get ready to move. It is just that simple.

  • Moves can be easy as biceps curls or as complex as an upside down pushup.
  • You can even combine The Trainer with balance & core workouts.
  • Over 1,000 body movements, you can train for specific sports & activities whether your sport is running, swimming, tennis, and it will give you an upper hand in golf.

Short on time?

Hook up The Trainer on any door, at home or at your hotel, and get a full body workout.

Do you only need some really good stretching?

Use The Trainer to get some amazing stretching and avoid future injuries, or use it to warm up before your work out. You will love The Trainer because you can also do yoga-inspired poses to help ease muscle stiffness and gives you a better full range of motion.


Maximize your heart rate quickly with The Trainer

The Trainer costs only $139.95

You can pay more, but you cannot get better

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